Customer segmentation wins in the US and abroad

Segmentation powers campaigns across marketing channels and across the world. Grouping customers by their shared characteristics allows for increasingly personal messages that appeal to customers' unique wants, needs, and situation. Join Custora and Borderfree for a discussion of real-world segmentation examples and best practices from leading marketing teams.

You’ll hear how the best retailers:

- Tailor messages and promotions based on customer personas and predicted product affinity
- Speak to audiences across the world about the right product, in the right language, at the right time
- Keep customers’ experience in mind at all times, with strong visuals to overcome language barriers
- More strategically target promotions by identifying customer price sensitivity

Corey Pierson
Co-founder, Custora
Mike Griffin
Sr. Director, Client Strategy and Operations, Borderfree
About Custora
Custora is a predictive marketing platform built for e-commerce teams. Our software helps retailers acquire valuable customers and improve customer retention. Custora analyzes data to predict how customers will behave in future— the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop. These customer-specific insights enable brands to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.
About Borderfree
Borderfree is the ecommerce partner that the world’s most iconic brands rely on to amplify their global business. Borderfree manages all aspects of the international online shopping experience, including website localization, multi-currency pricing and payments, logistics, compliance and customer care. We also provide global marketing strategies, programs and consumer insights that enable retailers to better target and engage international consumers.