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2014 Holiday E-commerce recap + Tips for 2015 from marketing leaders
Wed Feb 11 (4-5p ET)
Thu Feb 12 (2-3p ET)
Hosted by Custora + BounceExchange
Dive deeper into the latest Holiday season and what marketing leaders have planned for 2015.

Topics include: 15% Holiday e-commerce growth driven by email & search, winning paths to post-holiday growth and retention, and building customer-level personalization for 2015.

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Brett Robbins leads Sales and Business Development for Custora. 
Ryan Urban is the CEO of Bounce Exchange.
About Custora
Custora is a predictive marketing platform built for e-commerce teams. Our software helps retailers acquire valuable customers and improve customer retention. Custora analyzes data to predict how customers will behave in future— the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop. These customer-specific insights enable brands to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.
About BounceExchange
Bounce Exchange provides “behavioral automation” which enables retailers and other companies with online presences to bring the customized “in-store” shopping experience to the online world by identifying shoppers’ habits. The firm’s patented “Exit Intent Technology” guides shoppers through each step of the sales process. Today, Gannett, Comcast, and dozens of other outlets rely on Bounce Exchange’s technology to help them succeed in the digital marketing space.