One and (Not) Done
Leveraging Customer Data to Address the One-Time Buyer Problem

One-time buyers. One-and-dones. One-buy stands. Buy-bye-bennys. 

No matter what you call them, if you work in the retail industry, they're a real concern. The unfortunate reality is the vast majority of customers who make a first purchase just never return. By simply patching the problem with a generic welcome series, you're leaving money on the table. Our research shows that a 1% increase in customer retention leads to a 5% increase in profit per customer.

With the holidays (and the notoriously flaky shoppers that come along with them) approaching, you need a plan in place to convert more of those one-time Terrys into loyal Lucys.

To help, we wrote a book.

Weighing in at 100+ pages, this thing is the real deal. Granted, the font is big and there are numerous illustrations and obscure non-sequiturs, but it’s also chock full of insights collected across 5+ years of experience helping some of the world’s best brands build effective one-time-buyer programs.

Download the book to learn:
  • The magnitude of the one-time-buyer problem
  • How to make the shift from “channel-centric” to “customer-centric”
  • A 5 step plan of action to convert more one-time-buyers into repeat customers