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A Step-by-step Guide to Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Retention, Reduce Churn, and Minimize Discounts
We've worked with hundreds of leading retail brands that all struggle with the same issue. They invest a lot of marketing resources in acquiring new customers. But they struggle to find effective ways to get those customers to stick around and make repeat purchases. In this guide we are going to show you a better way to improve retention and reduce customer churn. It is based on the use of predictive analytics and machine learning coupled with continuous market testing to optimize retention while minimizing discounts. We’ll break it down into three phases—crawl, walk and run—that start simple and add complexity as value is delivered.
Read the whitepaper to learn:
  • Why predictive analytics and advanced segmentation are key to reducing customer churn
  • A step-by-step approach to building a predictive churn prevention program
  • A customer-focused way to measure the success of your lifecycle marketing programs
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"With Custora, we gain valuable and rapid insights on which channels are a source for high quality customers — allowing us to adjust our resource allocation accordingly."
Craig Elbert
Bonobos VP Of Marketing
Custora is used by 7 of the top 20 US retailers (by revenue)
Custora is an advanced customer segmentation platform powered by predictive analytics. Purpose-built for retail, Custora helps marketers improve the ROI for their email, display, direct mail, and Facebook campaigns. Custora surfaces powerful customer segments (like predicted spend and product affinities), integrates directly with other marketing platforms for executing more effective acquisition and retention campaigns, and measures how every campaign improves customer lifetime value. Over 100 brands including Ann Inc., Lucky Brand, Tiffany & Co., Crocs, and Teleflora use Custora to improve new customer conversions, grow revenue from existing customers, and improve team efficiency. Seven of the top 20 largest North American retailers use Custora’s Advanced Segmentation Platform.